About Us

Mai Mangeshkar Hospital is a small 60-bedded hospital situated at Warje. It is run by joint venture of JPMT (Jnana Prabodhini Medical Trust) and LMMF (Lata Mangeshkar Medical Foundation). This hospital was inaugurated on 16th March 2010. It is commemorated to the memory of MAI, beloved mother of ‘Mangeshkar Family’.

We live in a modern world and our villages are not exception to that. As ‘Punekars’ even villagers know what facilities are provided in any hospital. We have in and out patients departments across specialties, Medical ICU, labor unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, comprehensive diabetes care unit and many more. But we are different at our motto that is ‘Rational and Ethical Practice’ along with ‘Personal Touch’ so called SUHRUD.

“Mai” strives to be a hospital that serves the surrounding community with the purest goals of providing rational practice of medicine and ethical care being imparted at affordable costs. “Mai” has a vision of being a true caring friend to the community, a: “सुहृद”. You can read about it in detail in our ‘SURHUD’ vision.

At “Mai” we conduct a “प्रवृत्ती विकसन आणि संवाद कौशल्य शिबीर” for all our employees in small groups. Here, the mind is sensitized to the undeniable fact that hospitals are an unpleasant, undesirable, high-cost experience in anybody’s book. People always feel distressed, depressed and hopeless when they are in a hospital as patients or relatives. A hospital is a place from where everyone comes in unwillingly and wants to get out as early as possible. Our employees are taught on a day-to-day basis the value of gentleness, compassion and understanding in this special situation. We believe that it plays a major role in the actual treatment of a patient.
At “Mai” we realize that Sunday is just another day for any service industry. We have hence commenced routine ‘Sunday OPD’ and attend to patients without emergency charges during daytime.

At “Mai” we have designed and implemented around 20 comprehensive healthcare packages to suit the needs of various kinds of patients. Mai caters to the large middle-class population in Warje. With this view the packages are priced 20% lesser than prevalent market prices.

In summary, at “Mai” we strive to make our mark as a hospital by being humane, devoted, polite, soft-speaking, and well-mannered care-givers.