Mai Diabetic Care and Research Center

Mai Diabetes Care and Research Center
MDCRC was inaugurated at hands of Padmavibhushan Asha Bhosale on 13 may 2012.
• MDCRC aims at provision of world class health care to diabetic patients
Service at subsidized rates for the needy and Free service when indicated.
• At MDCRC we provide Holistic care of diabetes and its complications under one roof.
We work in the community to increase awareness of diabetes and its complications by arranging patient education sessions.
At MDCRC, we work as a team. Patient is the main team member along with doctors and paramedics.

Services available are –
1. Diabetes Clinic run by qualified diabetes specialists.
2.Ophthalmology clinic to screen and treat diabetes related eye complications.
3. Dietitian and Diabetes Educator guides patients on nutrition and insulin techniques. Hence patients get a clear plan of treatment.
4. Diabetes Foot clinic run by Foot Specialists treats foot problems.
5. Cardiac Clinic has ECG, 2DECHO and Stress test services.
6. Diagnostic laboratory has all relevant quality tests as per international standards. Radiology provides USG and Doppler tests.
7. We have a 24 hour pharmacy providing necessary medicines.

The MDCRC has arranged CME programs for primary care physicians near Warje. 27 doctors participated during this program.
Unique concept of a Diabetes Jyotishi, where a doctor dressed in traditional Panditji dress comes with us to the community and screens population for diabetes. Any community interested in these camps, contact us at our website, feel free to call or can come and meet us at hospital.