“Mai” strives to be a hospital that serves the surrounding community with the purest goals of providing rational practice of medicine and ethical care being imparted to patients at affordable costs. “Mai” has a vision of being a true caring friend to the community, “सुहृद”.

“Mai” expresses the सुहृद commitment in ever increasing ways. To cite a few ways, “Mai” runs सुहृद OPD. Every day between 6.30 to 8.30 pm, a well-qualified family doctor looks after OPD patients. A minimal charge of Rs.10 is paid by the patient for consultation and 3 days worth of generic medicine. We believe the core of this service is in the belief that if every family had a doctor, they would have received small friendly advice at home. It is this function that we wish to replicate. The generic medicines are sponsored by people who work in this hospital. This is with a view to return back to the society a small fraction of what you earn from it. Please spread our massage of ‘SURHUD OPD’ to the needy ones, and let them be benefited from it.

Thank you!
Team MAI.